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Panama is renowned for its amazing plethora of coffee beans and blends. The two most prestigious areas of Panama known for coffee production are the Volcán and Boquete regions. With exceptional quality and unique flavour profiles across the board, it remains an enticing destination for a coffee aficionado. Although, if you are a coffee novice it may seem a daunting prospect to provision coffee for your superyacht. At Maritime Network Panama we are fully equipped to advise you on the best coffee in Panama for yacht provisioning, as well as the best ways to brew.

In this blog, we will be explaining the different tasting notes, some of the best coffee in Panama and the easiest way to brew coffee so that your guests can get the most out of Panamanian coffee on their next superyacht charter.

Coffee Provisioning in Panama for Yachts, Superyachts and Megayachts

Panamanian Coffee Varieties

Geisha coffee originally came from Ethiopia, but now grows abundantly in some of Panama’s top coffee plantations as a prized variety of Panamanian coffee. With extremely light, floral and herbal notes, this coffee appears to have more in common with black tea than coffee. With this in mind, it is worth brewing this coffee with a delicate method. A pour-over coffee is a go-to when brewing this particular type of coffee as the flavours will be preserved by the more gradual extraction process. This variety of Panamanian coffee is a truly gourmet variety and will be a huge hit with the refined palette of your yacht charter guests. 

Typica is a variety of coffee perfect for those who like their flavors balanced and is a good middle ground for those on your yacht charter who may not want to experience coffee that is too strong in its acidity. On the palette you will be tasting sweet flavours like chocolate and caramel but still with a citrus tartness cutting through. The best way to brew this variety is to use a French press or automatic drip machine so that you are preserving and enhancing the body of the coffee. This Panamanian coffee is a good all-rounder for your yacht charter guests and can be appreciated by everyone on board regardless of their level of coffee preference. 

Caturra occurs through a natural mutation of the typica variety. Caturra offers a similar flavor profile but is a lot deeper and more complex. You will find notes of darker red fruits and cocao which you will be able to appreciate the most of with the use of a pour-over method or with a traditional espresso machine. As a more mature version of the typica this can be the choice of coffee for the more adventurous of your superyacht charter guests who maybe want to sample something a little bit different.

Pacamara is a hybrid of two different coffee varieties, the Pacas and Maragogype. The result is large beans with incredibly complex flavours. Pacamara has notes of fruit and chocolate notes which are best extracted through AeroPress or espresso machines which can showcase its overall unique flavours. Pacamara has an incredibly unique flavour profile and therefore will be a hit with coffee connoisseurs on your yacht charter that want to experience the nuances and flavors that a prized coffee variety like this can provide.

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Brewing Terms Glossary

Espresso Machine A specialized machine which brews coffee by forcing pressurized hot water through freshly ground coffee beans. These appliances are designed to extract all the oils, flavours and aromas that are present within the coffee grounds. Some espresso machines may be large and bulky, however, there are smaller models that may be more suited to the space you may have access to on a superyacht. 
AeroPress A brewing method consisting of a piston which forces coffee through a paper filter. This method is favoured by those who may be making coffee outside as it is portable and easy to use during travel. It can be an excellent and inexpensive way to brew on your superyacht. 
French Press A method consisting of a cylindrical container, a plunger mechanism and a mesh filter. The beans are coarsely ground and steeped in the container before being separated with the use of the plunger and filter. This is a very quick and easy method of brewing and is very much suited to the limited space you may have in a superyacht galley.
Pour-over A manual coffee brewing method involving the pouring of hot water over coffee grounds held in a cone-shaped paper filter. Gravity then forces the water through the grounds and paper to extract. Pour-over equipment is 

Maritime Network Panama is on hand to advise everything about the best coffee for when you are approaching yacht provisioning. If you have any questions about any of the varieties of coffee available or other provisioning queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.