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On a luxury sailing trip to Panama, guests will expect the highest-quality experiences. From the food served by top yacht chefs to the cocktails and alcoholic drinks made available, these elements can make or break an individual’s time on board. So, if you’re looking to offer your guests a more […]
At Maritime Network Panama, we regularly source beers from all over the world because our clients often request beverages that are familiar or local to them. While there is an endless list of global choices, there are also some excellent Panamanian beers you may not be familiar with. So if […]
Research has suggested that the earliest remnants of wine originated between 6000 and 3000 B.C. between the Nile and the Persian Gulf, in the territories of modern Iran and Georgia. Since then, wine has been developed into various categories, with multiple flavours, colours, bouquets, and methods of preparation. Today, there is […]
If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you may already be aware of Panama’s status as a leading coffee-producing country. However, you may not know what makes Panamanian coffee so sought after by roasters, buyers, and competition baristas from around the world. This blog will explore Panamanian coffee, and the specific types […]
If you’re planning for a luxury yacht charter for guests that will appreciate fine dining and gourmet cuisine, we recommend stocking some of the tastiest, most sought-after meats in the world, including Kobe Beef, Ayam Cemani & more. These meats are moist, tender, and mouth-wateringly flavoursome. But don’t take our […]
Top Tips For Yacht Provisioning
Provisioning plays a big part in the world of yachting and lots of planning goes into purchasing the necessary provisions for your vessel. Compiling your yacht provisions list can be time-consuming and slightly daunting, especially if you’re planning a trip with a large number of guests and crew. There are […]